LEE MCDONOUGH: A brief biography
Born in Liverpool England, Lee McDonough began playing the guitar at the age of fourteen. He trained at Salford University gaining a first class Honours Degree and a Performance Masters Degree in music. He has been teaching and working professionally in music for seventeen years. Lee's experience covers a wide range of styles, including rock, pop, reggae, blues, funk, soul, R&B and all types of Jazz from traditional to contemporary. He has performed in various show bands in theatres across England and on cruise ships all over the world. In addition, Lee has made various live Canadian TV appearances on Daytime Rogers, Global Montreal, and Omni Culture. He has also made various live performances on radio stations across America.

Lee performs regularly as freelance musician - see shows and events for more information.
In addition, Lee teaches over 40 students weekly one on one, all ages, styles and levels.
Electric Guitars:

Acoustic Guitars:

Fender Jazz


Wampler, Tc Electronic, Roland Boss, MXR, Maxon,  Road Rage, Black Arts, Morley, Area 51, Ernie Ball, Electro Harmonix,  Axon Midi.
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