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Solo guitar music can be incorporated into the smallest of venues. Restaurants -you may not need to lose a table! As well as playing solo guitar arrangements, Lee incorporates the use of live loop technology which creates the sound of a guitar duet. Repertoire includes: Jazz standards, Latin, blues, and popular songs.
This trio includes Matt Reid on bass, Scott K Jones on drums and Lee McDonough on guitar. A tenor saxophonist can also be added to the line up or as a replacement for drums. Great music for weddings, corporate events and festivals. This trio/quartet can cover a variety of sounds including, Jazz, funk, blues, pop and soul.
Like solo guitar, the jazz duo can be the perfect solution for venues with limited space. Various combinations can be provided: Guitar + Horn (Trombone/Saxophone), Guitar + Piano, Guitar + Bass & Guitar + Vocalist.
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Repertoire of popular music from the 50's to the present day. High energy, professional and fun!
I can provide music for any type of event or venue. Below are examples of the most common formats I use.
All audio clips are from live performances. Other line ups/combinations are available on request.
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Recently formed, the Good Foot Quintet is a high energy groove machine! With emphasis on Funk, Soul and Blues, this is instrumental music that makes you want to dance!
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Background/Dinner Music:
Instrumental Jazz Duo:
Solo Guitar (weddings and background):
Dance Band:
Original Music:
If you need a last minute sub for your gig or you need to hire a professional guitarist for your live performance/recording look no further. I can cover most styles of music on electric or acoustic guitar. I can also double on other instruments such as; banjo, mandolin, keyboards, electric bass and even ukulele! I also read music at sight in treble and bass clef.
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